Coastal Erosion Research
Coastal Erosion Research

Ghana faces looming crisis along its coast. As a result of both natural conditions and human related activities, the country’s coast is currently receding at a pace greater than ever imagined. This threatens the survival of many coastal communities and the stability of key historical and cultural infrastructure.

Seafront Environmental embarked on a project to document and understand the coastal erosion phenomenon, ecological, economic and social dimensions and impacts. This project spanned a period of about four years (2012 to 2016). The key objectives of the project were to:

      determine the extent and rates of erosion along some selected sections of Ghana’s coast
      identify the anthropogenic influences of coastal erosion
      engage local communities to adopt more environmental friendly practices to safeguard their communities against erosion and
      develop applicable coastal management strategies for managing coastal erosion in Ghana.

Though the project was mainly focused on the Central Region of Ghana, case studies were carried out in the other three coastal regions to obtain a broad view of the problem. The main findings of the project have been published in several international scientific journals.

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