Lesley NtimLesley Ntim is a teacher by profession and holds a first degree in Agricultural Science and a Master of Philosophy degree in Fisheries Science from the University of Ghana. Read more

She has several years of teaching experience and has in the last decade worked on several consultancy projects for several NGOs and organization including; Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO, Ghana), ACDI/VOCA (ADVANCE), Ministry of Food and Agriculture, World Food Programme, Merhan Foundation and UCC/USAID Fisheries and Coastal Management Capacity Building Support Project.

Her main area of interest and expertise is in gender and value chains in Agriculture and in the Fisheries sectors of Ghana.

She has a lot of interest in coastal Management issues and has worked extensively along the Central and Western Coastal communities in Ghana doing community development work in areas of management and control of coastal resources, gender issues prevailing in the management of coastal resources, fund raising and community development and identification and implementation of supplementary livelihood activities.  Along the Eastern coast of Ghana, Lesley has also worked along the coast of Ada with clam fishers to form cooperatives in order to access credits.