Andrews AgyekumheneAndrews Agyekumhene is an environmental and natural resources expert with extensive experience in integrated coastal zone management. Andrews has a BSc. Degree in Oceanography and Fisheries (University of Ghana) and an M.Phil degree in Biological Oceanography (University of Ghana). Read more

He trained in Facilitation of Multi-Stakeholder Processes and Curriculum Development at the Wageningen UR Center for Innovation Development in the Netherlands. Currently, he works with the Ghana Wildlife Division of the Forestry Commission as the Park Manager in charge of one of Ghana’s five coastal wetlands. He has served in many capacities with several organizations such as ESL consulting, Resource and Environment Development Organization (REDO), Hlami Association of Turtle Conservation and Hope (HATCH), and most recently Nature Today Ghana.

Having worked with marine turtles for over a decade, Andrews specializes in sea turtle Ecology and Conservation and is a member of the IUCN Marine Turtle Specialist Group. He also serves as a member on the editorial board of the Africa Sea Turtle Newsletter and is a Board Member of the International Sea turtle Society (ISTS). Andrews has vast expertise in Wildlife Management and Conservation, Mangrove Ecology, Wetland Conservation, and Community Resource Management issues.

Andrews has great expertise in developing and implementation of conservation projects and has engaged many relevant stakeholders on numerous platforms which has led to the conservation of several flora and fauna species in many parts of Ghana. As a member of the International Association of Impact Assessors, he has been involved in major consultancy works for both local and international organisations towards the development of Environmental and Social Impact Assessments for projects. He has attended over 40 local and international conferences and workshops. Andrews has co-authored and published in a number of journals of international repute.