Cape Coast Beach Cleaning
Beach Clean Up

Human generated pollution is a major problem confronting coastal states and the global oceans. Marine habitats and animals bear the brunt of our pollution. Plastic pollution, the most obvious form of pollution, is currently causing significant problems to marine organisms both at sea and along the coast.

We at Seafront Environmental sees it as our responsibility to contribute to the reduction of both liquid and plastic wastes into the sea. Our beach cleaning project in Cape Coast which commenced in February 2016 aims at creating awareness about the problem of waste management in the area. Even though tourism and fishery activities are major economic activities in the Cape Coast area, little attention is being given to make the beaches attractive.

Furthermore, the existing tourist facilities in the area have poor waste disposal strategies, contributing to additional waste generation to the sea. The Cape Coast Beach Cleaning project includes the following activities:

      Monthly beach clean-ups of selected beaches
      Engage volunteers to contribute to environmental sanitation
      Dialogue with coastal communities to adopt proper beach sanitation plans
      Discussions with Metropolitan Assembly to develop and enforce sustainable beach sanitation plans

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