Coastal Erosion Research
Coastal Erosion Research

Ghana faces looming crisis along its coast. As a result of both natural conditions and human related activities, the country’s coast is currently receding at a pace greater than ever imagined. This threatens the survival of many coastal communities and the stability of key historical and cultural infrastructure. Seafront Environmental embarked on a project to […]

Beach Clean Up
Cape Coast Beach Cleaning

Human generated pollution is a major problem confronting coastal states and the global oceans. Marine habitats and animals bear the brunt of our pollution. Plastic pollution, the most obvious form of pollution, is currently causing significant problems to marine organisms both at sea and along the coast. We at Seafront Environmental sees it as our […]

Sea Turtles
Cape Coast Sea turtle Conservation

Sea turtles face severe challenges in Ghana; both in the coastal sea and on their nesting beaches. Sea turtles are captured as by-catch in fishing gears of fishing fleets, from artisanal to industrial fleets in Ghana. On the beaches, sea turtles are captured as soon as they are spotted on their nesting beaches and their […]